17 October 2009

In the wee small hours

it must be that time again when I go through a wakeful period in the night. I have been awake since 2:30am, up since 3am. I've checked my email, Facebook, Ravelry, so decided to update my blog before trying to go back to bed. I could go downstairs and knit - I have several projects on the go - another Zig Zag pram blanket in shades of pink and a Vintage jumper and legging set which Rachel and Clare have commissioned, this is being knitted in a 6 colour stripe combo in Sublime organic cotton.

Yesterday I won free tickets to go and see Jamie Cullum at the BBC Maida Vale studios in London on 30th October, this was a Radio 2 ticket ballot. I had tried recently for Michael Buble tickets but was unsuccessful, will need to await his UK tour, the new album is released on Monday, sounds good as Ken Bruce has had it as his album of the week, wouldn't normally have been home to hear it, but as you know I've been off work poorly.

On the weight loss front I have just 3/4lb to go to target and I've not really been trying, photoshoot on Thursday to look forward to, hope they put me in something suitable, it will be good to meet my fellow dieters and to get my hair and makeup done.

This weekend Rebecca and Tim are down for a party so staying the night with us and we are having a family roast dinner tomorrow - not cooked one for a while, we are having pork and all the trimmings - yum yum.

We have 4 buckets of apples to juice later and loads of cooking apples to turn into pies and crumble so looks like a busy day - best try and go back to sleep. Time now 4.26am!

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