14 October 2009

No I think it was flu

having not felt this rough in years I feel I must have had a bout of the flu. For those that know me, staying in bed is not a practice I keep, however I spent most of Sunday asleep in my bed and when I got up I couldn't even pick up my knitting needles, needless to say the husband was shocked. I dragged my bones into work yesterday to be told you look awful go home, so rather than argue I did. In fact I've given myself today off too just to make sure I'm better. My head still feels a bit spaced out but the aching in my bones has gone. I plan to take myself for a walk later to get some air then continue with the zig zag pram blanket that I'm currently knitting.

As promised here is the pattern for the Slouchy Beret on 2 needles

Materials - 200g chunky or 2 strands of double knit
6.0mm and 6.5mm straight needles

Cast on 60 stitches on 6.0mm needles - knit 6 rows single rib(K1 P1) - if you want a deeper band knit 12 rows
Change to 6.5mm
1st row - K5 m1 repeat (71 stitches)
2nd row - purl
3rd row - K6 m1 repeat (82 stitches)
4th row - purl
5th row - K7 m1 repeat (93 stitches)
6th row - purl
7th row - K8 m1 repeat (104 stitches)
8-14th row - stocking stitch
15th row - K16 k2tog repeat to last 14 stitches K14
16th row - purl
17th row - K15 k2tog repeat to last 14 stitches K14
18th row - purl
19th row - K14 k2tog repeat to last 14 stitches k14
20th row - purl
21st row - K13 k2tog repeat to last 14 stitches K12 k2tog
22nd row - purl
23rd row - K12 k2tog repeat to last 13 stitches K11 k2tog
24th row - purl
25th row - K11 k2tog repeat to last 12 stitches K10 k2tog
26th row - purl
27th row - K10 k2tog repeat to last 11 stitches K9 k2tog
28th row - purl
29th row - K9 k2tog repeat to last 10 stitches K8 k2tog
30th row - purl
31st row - K8 k2tog repeat to last 9 stitches k7 k2tog
32nd row - purl
33rd row - K7 k2tog repeat to last 8 stitches k6 k2tog
34th row - P7 P2tog *P6 P2tog repeat *
35th row - K5 K2tog repeat
36th row - P6 P2tog *P4 P2tog repeat *
37th row - K3 k2tog repeat to last 6 stitches K4 K2tog
38th row - P2tog P3 P2tog *P2 P2tog repeat *
39th row - K1 K2tog repeat
40th row - P1 P2tog repeat

Draw thread through remaining stitches - sew up with flat seam. Most of the seam is hidden in shaping

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