11 November 2009

All alone.......

today I have been left on my own in the office/showroom, well technically not alone as I have a heating and plumbing engineer here fitting new central heating, so he keeps popping down for a quick chat and a cuppa!! So far its been reasonably quiet, a lady came in for some Amtico dresser, another to see if we had any off-cuts of granite, and a couple looking at dishwashers, sent them away with some brochures. Unfortunately I have to be here til 5pm - I normally finish at 2:30, so I have a feeling its going to be a long afternoon. The upside is that I finish today for a 10 day break, so looking forward to that I can tell you.

At some point I should start the Christmas shopping... for once I have no requests from anyone, which is very unhelpful and at this rate they won't get anything. I found the cards I bought in the post christmas sale this year and have sorted through all the leftover wrapping paper and bows etc so I know what I need in that department.

Well my lunch break is over so I should get on with some work )-: but then I'm my own boss today so.................

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