22 January 2010

Winter blues

don't you just hate this time of year. Grey skies, cold, rain, everyone miserable and moaning. Its so tempting just to go along with this mood, but I guess that is self defeating. We should look for a bit of sunshine in our lives, think of all the things we should be thankful for and put this time to good use planning for the coming spring.

I would so love to get out into my garden, its looking very sad and neglected, but as its too wet, I'll just have to draw up some plans so that I'm ready for when I'm able. Similarly, our house needs a bit of TLC, decorating and the like, I know we could be doing that now but...... its to easy to put off, I like to be able to throw open the windows when I'm decorating plus I hate the prep!! I'd get someone in but just can't justify the cost.

So I will just content myself for now with my knitting, and give thanks that whilst we moan about our weather we don't have earthquakes and conditions like those poor people in Haiti

PS - sold the 7 day booties today

PPS - Sorry Chloe and Lisa for forgetting to send birthday cards today, put it down to old age. Hope you have a good day

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