31 March 2010

Decisions, decisions?

......with the Easter weekend weather looking like this, what to do?

Fri Day weather - Sunny Intervals 10 50°F 4 39°F
Sat Day weather - Hail Shower 9 48°F 5 41°F
Sun Day weather - Light Rain Shower 10 50°F 3 37°F
Mainly dry and bright at first on Friday, then rain later. Further rain, heavy at times on Saturday and Sunday.

We’d like to be out in the garden, but we need to decorate the kitchen – decorating fills me with horror, I don’t mind the actually painting it’s the clearing the room, the preparation and the putting everything back that I hate. The weather seems to be leaning towards the decorating though. I can find a million excuses not to decorate but it can’t be put off forever, believe me we’ve tried! Someone give me a cast iron excuse, which doesn’t involve paying someone else to do it as I just can’t justify the expense.

On the knitting front, on Sunday I am starting a KAL (Knit along) with some of the ladies on Ravelry. We are knitting the Meret Beret, I have been practicing the pattern on a skinny scarf, with some lovely soft yarn - Elle by Wendy, which I got at the charity shop. It’s a mohair type yarn but the pattern still shows up ok, just covers you in bits when you are knitting.

Tomorrow I have my fortnightly meeting of the Medway Craft Group, which is always good fun, especially now there are so many more ladies, they’ve been doing a recruitment drive and it seems to have worked. I should try my hand at some other crafts but stick steadfastly to my knitting – its safe and I know what I’m doing up to a point. Saturday 10th April I am doing a class with Pauline on how to use 4 needles and 2 circulars – so look out you may be getting socks for Christmas.

Have a happy Easter whatever you are doing

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