28 May 2010

Concert train rolls on.....

last night we headed back down to Wembley to see John Mayer in concert with our youngest and her friend Gemma. They are big Mayer fans having first encountered him when they were at Uni in Georgia USA.

To say Peter and I felt old was an understatement, there were a few silver tops in the audience but on the whole I would guess that the average age was late 20's.  We have seen John several times in the past usually in the presence of Eric Clapton, and will see him again in a months time when we go to the Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago.

I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend, hopefully catching up on some sleep. There are a few jobs to do in the garden.  The rest of the compost needs to be sieved and moved, but I'm a bit wary as the other day Peter was breaking up the heap and uncovered a rats nest, complete with babies!!  No sign of mum though, I'm sure the cats have removed all evidence by now but I'm taking no chances.  The bean and courgette plants are ready to go in as are the tomatoes, so as you can see plenty to do, just hope that the weather is kind.

Whatever you are doing this weekend enjoy.

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