15 May 2010

Crazy Love revisited

Last night's Crazy Love concert was tremendous, Michael was on top form, he's a real showman and really knows how to 'work' an audience. I don't think I'll ever tire of listening to him. The only disappoinment for me was that he didn't sing 'Lost' which is my all time favourite but then it does make me cry so I guess its just as well he didn't.

 He did a very go impression of Michael Jackson and Mrs Jones was happy that he sang Me and Mrs Jones - and Baby Jones seemed to enjoy itself jiggling along to the music.  At one point when Michael was in the middle of the crowd a pair of knickers sailed through the air, I hope the thrower hadn't been wearing them as it was a tad chilly when we got out!!  They've released some more dates for the UK and I must say I'm tempted to go again, hang the cost! If you get the chance to go and see him you'll really enjoy it, I promise.

Our concert season continues next week with Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood at Wembley and Rod Stewart at the LG Arena.  It's a busy time all round.

I have a day to myself today - the husband and youngest are off cycle training, they have their 100 mile charity cycle ride in 3 weeks.  If anyone would like to sponsor them its in aid of the British Heart Foundation, please let me know.  I'm now off to weed the drive and sort out some hanging baskets, I can get them planted up if I can't yet hang them out. 

BTW it looks like we have Swallows nesting in the car port which means poop on my car!!  The Blue Tit family in the nesting box are very noisy, their poor parents must be worn out by the end of the day with all the feeding flights they are doing.  I also have a black bird that insists on digging up some plants that I have recently put in my throughs, any suggestions on how to stop it, short of posting the cat on permanent guard duty?

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