3 May 2010

While I wait.......

for the rain to stop this long weekend I have finished off Little Sailor, as predicted I ran out of yarn but managed to get short sleeves knitted, here is the finished project.  I think it looks just as cute, it's blocking at the moment hence the tea-towel!

I'm hoping to get out in the garden today, though it will be very wet as it rained most of Sunday, as I type the sky is clearing and the sun is out, but for how long as not 5 minutes ago it was pouring with rain.

Friday's spa day at Belton Wood was lovely, very relaxing, though my nail varnish from the manicure is peeling off, I need to go and find my remover.

Saturday was the start of the village pub's annual beer festival, we had friends Judy and Stephen down for the day, the men went drinking, us ladies sat and chatted over a cup of tea

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