15 May 2010

Your opinions would be appreciated

The other day I was discussing with a friend the merits of hand knitted items versus shop bought, in particular children/baby clothes. 

What we'd like to know is do you love or loathe hand knits? 

If you loathe them, what is it you don't like?

If you love them, what fibre content do you like, acrylic, wool, bamboo, silk, alpaca, the list is endless?

If you go for the fancier yarns are you prepared to wash them properly? Hand washing rather than just chucking them in the washing machine.

Are you prepared to pay the price premium for a hand knitted item?  It is very difficult to put a true worth on a hand knit, especially if you consider the cost of the yarn, time it takes to knit, though you are getting something unique, even if the knitter has slavishly followed the pattern.

We'd really value your comments good or bad, because at the end of the day no knitter wants to waste their time, when they could be knitting something more interesting.

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