21 June 2010

Milestones ......

On Friday our eldest daughter reached a major milestone in her life, she became a mother, a pretty big milestone you have to admit. It left me thinking about all the milestones we go through in our lives.

When a baby is born it is attached to you literally and with the cutting of that cord you set your child off on life’s journey. In the early days the milestones are many. First smile, tooth, word, walk, you get the idea. Then comes playgroup, the first time they really spend time apart from you and then school, you encourage and look forward to each milestone, the successes and failures.

Then comes University, when they really start to fly the nest, whilst they are still dependent on you financially they are spreading their wings. Yes, there are weekend’s home with that bag full of dirty washing and the empty cake tin, departing again on the Sunday with a bag of clean clothes, a full tin and a bag of groceries.

Next comes work and moving away from home, still dependant to a certain extent, “Mum, Dad can you come a help with XYZ”!

Then comes the day when your husband hands your daughter over to her chosen partner in marriage, you feel those bonds slipping; someone else is responsible for her now.

And then finally she has her baby, they become a family, the circle is complete. Your family is bigger, but your nest feels decidedly emptier. We are grandparents, it’s a strange feeling, my husband woke this morning and said we have a grandson. I hope this little boy brings his parents as much joy as his mother and her sister have done for us.

A final word – Mum I now understand how you feel.

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  1. What a sweet blog post!!
    Congratulations on your new wee one! I am starting to think that it won't be too long before I become a Gma, myself. My eldest daughter recently bought a dog.
    (Their trial 'baby', I think!!)
    Here's my post about it:http://woollove-functional-fiberart.blogspot.com/2010/07/i-have-new-grandpuppy.html


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