6 July 2010

Cherry ripe.......

This year our neighbours' cherry tree is laden with fruit; even the birds can't keep up with it. As the majority of the tree overhangs our garden it seemed rude not to pick them.  The neighbour certainly doesn't seem to be bothering with their side.  We picked around 12lbs over the last couple of days.  I've been having them for my lunch and decided that I was never going to eat them before they went mouldy so have spent 2 hours pitting around 6.5lbs to make some jam.  It tastes really good.  I have enough cherries over to make a pie or crumble for tomorrow evenings dessert.   There are still lots on the tree to pick, just wish I could reach the ones at the top of the tree, they hang their in the ripe glory teasing us!

We have started our annual round of preserving, starting as usual with Elderflower Cordial.  Peter has some beer on the go, the utility room has the scent of a brewery.  The first courgettes are nearly ready to eat and as we get sick of them I will make relish, same goes for the runner beans they get turned into Delia's Spiced pickled beans, so good I could just eat them out of the jar with a spoon.  I find it very satisfying making jams and preserves, perhaps I should have lived in an earlier era.


  1. Have you ever tried this soup?

    It's delicious!!
    (Love your blog!!)

  2. Can you please make a cherry pie/crumble for saturday lunch - Rufus would like to try it!! x

  3. I would think so, which do you think he would prefer?

  4. Annofgreencables14 July 2010 at 19:02

    Hi. This reminds me of a song that I learned in primary school choir, 60 years ago. Cherry Ripe: "Cherry ripe, cherry ripe, Cherry ripe I cry, Full and fair ones come and buy.
    Haha. How do I remember that when I can't remember where I put the digital camera? Mar


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