9 July 2010

Food for free or cherry ripe part 2

Our normal morning walk gets extended when Rachel works from home on a Friday. We are marching along today, as you do, when Rachel spots a cherry tree, now not ones to pass up some free pickings we take a look, there are loads.  Problem, no bag.  Solution, Rachel's t-shirt, she has on a sports bra so is happy to continue our walk in that.  We tie up the sleeves and make a bag, and then get picking.  There are cherry trees every third tree along the guided bus way, but I'm not telling you where! Different varieties as you can see below. We picked around 10lbs. I will be making more jam and some pies.

Rachel's t-shirt, not sure that stain will come out but its a old one anyway!

Washing the grit off - I let go of one end of the t-shirt!!

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