12 July 2010

the things you read.....

yesterday Peter decided to sort through some books we had stored that had come from his granny's house. Well we had a real good laugh at some of the things written, in particular from a book called Enquire within upon Everything. 

This section entitled

Hints to Wives - if your husband occasionally looks a little troubled when he comes home, do not say to him with an alarmed counternance "What ails you my dear" Don't bother him, he will tell you of his own accord.  Don't rattle a hailstorm of fun about his ears either, be observant and quiet..... and on its goes.

Hints for Husbands - if your wife complain that young ladies now-a-day are very forward don't accuse her of jealousy.  A little concern on her part only proves her love for you, and you may enjoy your triumph without saying a word.  Don't envince your weakness either by complaining of every trifling neglect.  What though her chair is not set so close to yours as it used to be, or though her knitting and crochet seem to absorb too large a share of her attention; depend upon it, that her eyes watch the intertwinnings of the needles as they dance in compliance to her delicate fingers, she is thinking of courting days, love-letters, smiles, tears and reconcilations, by which your two hearts became entwined together in the network of love, whose meshes you can neither of you unravel or escape

Really, there are pages of this..I plan to read it all.  But can you see anything going down well in 2010!!  We also have a copy of Housewife's Handy Book, Universal Home Doctor, Family Doctor - you should read what it say about young men and sex - the beasts!!


  1. Hello. I looked at your bio on Ravelry and saw that you had a blog. I like the title. It describes, somewhat, my main blog. The quotes from the book are hilarious, and yet they have a ring of truth to them. I hope you will post some more of them. Have fun on your trip. Mar

  2. Oh forgot to say I am Lifeonmars on Ravelry. :)


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