14 August 2010

8 weeks old

I got to spend a few days with Rufus and his mummy as his daddy was away with work. We had fun, lots of cuddles and lots of pictures. I have decided that I need to buy a new camera though to cope with wriggling babies, I have lots of blurred hands!!

Yesterday he got to have his first injections, poor little thing they came at him from both sides at once, still I suppose thats easier than trying to get a second needle into a screaming baby. He did settle down quite quickly once we got him outside. His mum and I got soaked through getting to the doctors surgery I think we had a weeks worth of rain in one afternoon.

Treated myself to a new top from White Stuff which has just opened in Stamford, so many nice things could have spent a fortune.

I have plenty of new knitting projects planned as Rufus has picked out some lovely items for me to knit, we just need to decide on yarns.
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