11 August 2010

Courgette fest...

arriving home yesterday I checked the fridge for dinner ideas, the veg drawer was overflowing with courgettes from the garden with more coming on daily.  I decided I needed to do something with them all before we became truly overwhelmed.  First off Delia's Courgette Soup, freezes well.  Secondly, 2 batches of Madhur Jaffrey's Courgette 'Meatballs', I make up the balls, cook and freeze, then just pop them into the sauce as needed, cuts down the time it takes to make the recipe from scratch.  Next on the list was some Ratatouille as I also had a couple of aubergines in need of use, I used one of those, then made Stuffed Aubergine with the other.  A satisfying afternoon.  I plan to make Confetti Relish with my next batch, I make this every year and it always goes down well.

I managed to get the back of my Ethereal finished last night, the knitting really is going very slow at the moment.....

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