8 August 2010

Gardening and there was blood.......

yes the husband cut his finger with the secutears dead heading my daisies, we both felt faint, there was lots of blood.  A couple of plasters and a rubber glove later and he gets a large splinter in the next to finger, men! 

The garden is looking much better for a day of tidying, the weather this year has really spoiled the plants, they've scorched then soaked, my daisies which normally give weeks of joy, flagged in the heat then went brown and soggy in the rain, as did my roses, I don't have much luck with roses, not sure why I feed them but they just don't look too happy.  The veg garden is fairing better than the flower garden, we've got lots of courgettes, beans, lettuce and potatoes.  The tomatoes are just starting to turn, the beetroot, well not sure whats going on with them.  Swede and parsnips look ok, picked my first mooli (white radish), its great not to have to buy veg in Tesco.

Just tried to get the splinter out, there was lots of shouting and jumping about, needless to say its still in there!!

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