5 August 2010

Knitting update

It’s been a bit quiet on the knitting front lately, not sure why, I just seem to constantly run out of time. I guess being away twice over the last 6 weeks hasn’t helped. Anyway I’m back on track and busy finishing off some WIP’s (works in progress), in preparation for a couple of KALs (knit alongs) that I’m doing on Ravelry. We are going to be knitting the Travelling Woman shawl on the Grandmas Hand forum. This will be my first attempt at anything really lacy so I’ll let you know how it goes. And the Salute Hat on the Knitting for Boys Forum. I have the yarn for both projects so won’t be tempted into any shops just now.

So currently on my needles is the 2nd Ethereal waistcoat that I'm knitting for myself, which I started weeks ago, I'm about half way up the back, so still a way to go.

I'm meeting with one of the Monday night girls for some one to one knitting this afternoon.  I'm hoping that she will get something out of my visit apart from a hot chocolate and sticky bun at the local garden centre

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