7 August 2010

QG Jam?

so what is QG Jam? Last year I made Quince Jam which was very sharp and Grape Jelly which didn't set very well.  Having been through my store cupboard today and decided that these items were unlikely to get eaten, I thought I'd mix the 2 and see what the resulting jam was like.  Actually very good! It has a good set and has sweetened up the Quince, result. Some of it will be going to a charity sale which one of our knitting ladies is holding in September.

I have had a busy day, cleaned my house, done the washing and ironing, and altered the neckline to a top I bought a few weeks ago.  Peter is cooking dinner tonight, so I now plan to put my feet up and continue with my knitting, especially as it has rained and the garden is too wet to do anything.

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