19 September 2010

Autumn afternoons

I love this time of year, the nights are drawing in, the morning are darker (not so much fun). Yesterday we went and picked more blackberries, 8.5lbs, they are now in the freezer awaiting jam, pies, crumbles along with the apples from the garden.

Hops we picked this afternoon on our walk back from St Ives.
 We had a couple of pints and a bag of crisps at the Cromwell, also bumped into an old friend

Our grapes are finally starting to ripen, but oh so sour!!!!

Windfall apples

Courgettes!!!! These got missed so now more like marrows.
We still have alot of crops - carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, runner beans, beetroot (but very slow).

Its been a pleasant weekend, quite leisurely really, we should have done more but what the heck, theres always next weekend.
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