4 September 2010

Don't call me scar face........

Today has not been a good day.  All started well, I woke up to a cup of tea, then Peter and Rachel went off for their 60 mile cycle ride at just after 7am.  The phone went around 8am, it was Peter "can you come and get us Rachel has had an accident, she's run into a car".  So there's me thinking oh marvellous she's wrecked her new bike, scratched a car.  So off I go to Sutton about 12 miles away, as I approach the top of the hill into Sutton I spy Peter stood beside a car with a smashed back window, I start tutting and shaking my head, stopped the car, get out, then spot Rachel sat on the grass.  The back window of the car has been smashed by her head, her face is a mess, cut nose, chin, eye, forehead, she's shaking from head to toe.  We wrap her up and get her and the bikes into the car.  Leave a note for the car owner and head off to the hospital.  I'm really cross, shock I guess, cross that Peter didn't warn me but then as he said later what was the point in getting me into a state when I had to drive to pick them up. 

We made Hinchingbrooke Hospital in fair time and we were seen more or less straight away.  Everyone was really kind and they patched her up in next to no time.  The consultant Mr Ranjin made a good job, picking out glass and stitching her up, she has 1 stitch in her upper eyelid plus steri-strips to support it, 5 stitches in her chin, luckily most of them are on the underside.  Her nose is missing a strip of skin, which they couldn't do anything about and the rest is fairly superficial.  They super-glued a cut on her ear, and she has some interesting bruises starting.  Once she was cleaned off she didn't look so bad.  She was very shocked, so has spent the day at ours.  She's not allowed to get her face wet so we managed to wash her hair and get out the pieces of glass, we are just thankful that she was wearing her cycle helmet and had on her cycling glasses.

Her bike fortunately or unfortunately depending on you opinion of racing bikes was unharmed.  They are talking about going out again next week. I think it will be a while before Peter gets over the sight of his beautiful daughters face covered in blood, he said he was so thankful to all the people that stopped to offer assistance. She has now gone home to be looked after by her boyfriend.  Stitches come out in a week to 10 days. 

We do have pictures but I'll spare you that sight.

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