17 September 2010

'Scarface' update request....

Today I have received a kind request for an update on Rachel, thank you Kay for your concern. 

So how is she doing? 

The bruises have faded, the stitches are out. The scar on her upper eyelid hardly shows, and the one on her chin - which is very neat - looks apparently like the one Harry Potter has.  It's a bit pink at the moment but hardly noticeable if you didn't know she'd had an accident.  She still has whiplash, and finds driving plays her arm and neck up.  She's on a phased return to work due to bad headaches but apart from that I'd say doing ok.  You would be amazed how many people have or know someone who has done the same thing.  Seems like a fairly common accident for cyclists.  They've not been out riding again yet, but have just bought some new winter cycling gear.  The one thing Rachel has learned is that you need to keep looking up on a racing bike, I don't think she is likely to do this again.

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