22 October 2010

I didn't mean to laugh!!

Peter got a bit of a surprise this morning.  Dressed ready for work, standing in the bedroom stroking the cat, chatting, suddenly he grabs the seat of his trousers "oh my god I've been stung, there's something in my underpants".  Frantically he pulls his trousers and pants off and there is a queen wasp!!  She has stung his bottom!!  The only thing we can think is that she flew into his pants on the washing line yesterday, I bought them in, folded and put in the airing cupboard, and the rest you know.  He just called in to pick up his wallet left in the commotion earlier, I enquired on the sting, "its sore" was the reply.  Guess it will be uncomfortable as he has to sit on it all day, we will both be checking our underwear for a while.....

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