14 October 2010

Tenby - finished at last

Yesterday evening I put the final stitches on the Tenby cardigan.  I'm very pleased with it, even though it has taken a month to knit.  Admittedly there have been some evenings when I didn't pick it up.  I really hope the eldest likes it, if not, well it fits me ok!!

Next project is a scarf/shawlette called 28's cousin 53!  Basically a 53 row scarf, knitted on a circular needle in 4ply yarn.  28 is a ....yes you got it 28 row scarf knitted in double knit yarn, quite a bit longer but a simple knit.

1 comment:

  1. Well done, Sue. It looks grrrreat. I like the way all the stripes match up.


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