11 October 2010

Weekend report – or oh my aching limbs

It’s been one of those weekends, you know the kind, go out to do a small job and end up spending the whole day at it. Such was my weekend.
On Saturday morning, I popped out the front of the house to sweep leaves, and ended up clearing my whole front garden; you see we had bark chippings over most of it and they have composted over the years and the weeds were growing out of it. So I have removed all the membrane, compost and weeds, and now have a naked garden, a clean slate so to speak. The decision is what to do with it, more membrane/bark or a complete change. I will leave it for a bit before I decide.

Other Saturday news -

The youngest is back on the saddle again, yes, they went into town on their bikes – result.

Peter cooked Biryani – enough for 6 people, it was very good though, took him all afternoon

On Sunday morning, I went out to dig up snowdrop bulbs from the front of the barn – the barn is soon to become a garden room watch this space. I had already cleared the plants and went in search of bulbs, as this was in the shade, I decided to go and help hubby on the veg plot and warm up and stretch out the limbs from Saturday. Veg plot now looks very tidy, the runner beans and courgettes are just about finishing but the root crops are doing well, as are the squashes. Anyway back to the bed in front of the barn, with hubby to help the bulbs are found in quick time, he also dug up lots of roots for me. Alongside the bed is a nut tree which we usually keep coppiced, it’s not been done for a few years so has got out of control, hubby decides to play lumberjack, complete with saws, ladder and chipper we spend an hour going through the smaller stuff, along with ivy that have also taken over the tree. He then decides to tackle the bigger stuff, not such a good idea, there were a few heart stopping moments before he decided to call it a day, neighbour came out and offered to help while we were clearing up!! So a plan of action is needed for the remaining larger limbs! This has taken us all day; we missed lunch and settled on a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits mid afternoon. Our day was completed with a visit to the Wok & Grill for dinner, followed by an evening at the Corn Exchange listening to Joe Bonamassa – I could hardly move by the end of the evening!!

On the knitting front – our visit to the Knitting & Stitching Show went well, though I came home yarnless!! Never been heard of, hubby was shocked.

Progress on Tenby is slow, just have 3 stripes left on the last sleeve, then sew it all up and knit the front band – not looking forward to that; 400+ stitches to pickup and knit.

I missed seeing Rufus this week due to the show, hope he didn’t miss me too much, but he did send me a text with a picture attached just so I wouldn’t forget what he looked like.....bless him xx

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  1. Joe bonamassa was awesome! Check out "Blue and Evil" - http://bit.ly/adCxul


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