4 November 2010

Busy needles - part 2

Oddments of aran weight yarn used to knit this little hat one Friday afternoon, don't you think the model looks lovely?

Rugby Romper finished
my model just needs to grow a bit! Though its not actually as big as it looks

Mittens and minder, dashed off on Tuesday evening.

So what next? 

I have several projects in mind but first I need to put together a parcel for my Celebration Swap partner on Ravelry - Grandma's Hand Forum.  This will comprise of some knitted christmas decorations plus lots of other goodies.  I will post some pictures once the parcel is sent and received, rather than spoil the surprise.  I get to send to Noreen and Bev gets to send to me and so it goes round.  I will also post pictures of what I receive.  No pressure then!!

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  1. That is one ADORABLE picture of you little Rufus!


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