26 November 2010

A week on......

and I still have my cold.  My head is bunged up, ears keep popping, but at least my chest is clearing a bit.  Only woke myself up twice last night and Peter only once, he's not enjoyed a full nights sleep for a week now too.....sorry.

I'm filling my days with a bit of knitting, some baking -Flapjack and St  Clements Cake, and listening to the radio, I got called into work on Wednesday which did me no good - thanks Alex, I'll get you back.  I may go for a walk today to try and clear my head, but it will need to warm up a bit first.  Currently -2c, but the sun is out and we have frost but no snow as yet.

No plans for the weekend.  I should really get on with some Christmas shopping but can't actually be bothered with it right now.  I have cards (which I could write!) and wrapping paper, a few gifts and that's about it.  Bird is ordered, I need to make some puddings and anything else that can be made prior to the day.  Peter and Rachel are cooking Christmas dinner this year! Will I be able to keep out of the kitchen? What will I do with myself? Currently we have my mother in law and her partner joining us for the day.  The Jones family are coming on Boxing Day - this will be Rufus's first Christmas, he will be 6 months old. I'm sure for him it will be just any other day this year, but for us all a new era, we get to play Santa again and keep the secret for as long as kiddies are allowed to these days.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, keep warm......... mulled wine, now there's a thought, medicinal right?

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