18 December 2010

Craft central

A couple of weeks back Rachel and I spotted some fabric trees in town, which we considered vastly over priced and decided that we could make some if we put our minds to it, see the chaos that was my lounge a few days later.........

We still have a couple left to decorate, but two went off to their new home yesterday (and looked very good in-situ) and I wanted a picture of them all together, I have since removed the bows from one pair as I considered that less was more.  I think they look pretty good if I say so myself, they cost us nothing as I had the fabric and wadding already. Peter made the bases for us from wood he had by him - can you spot Audrey helping?

These are a couple of Christmas hats I made for Rufus, I've seen him in the Santa hat..... beyond cute, I only have a picture on my phone and have mislaid the lead so can't download the pictures

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