28 January 2011

On, off, up, down, on the ground

Wednesday evening my youngest and her boyfriend were due to return from their trip to New York city.  If you have seen the news you will have seen that the east coast of USA has been battered by snowstorms!  They spent 6 hours sitting on the runway on Wednesday night to then be dug out and towed back to the terminal.  Thursday was spent at an hotel in and around the airport with a promise of a flight home at 9:30pm (local).  At 4:45am this morning I got a text to say they had taken off but had had to return to the airport due to fumes - not sure how far they had got before turning back.  They are now at another hotel but no flight home until 6:30pm tomorrow - I should imagine patience is wearing thin............. x

UPDATE - they have managed to get another flight home so hopefully be seeing them tonight

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