24 February 2011

Garden Room - Day 11

All the window frames and doors are in place, it really is starting to look like I imagined the room would look.  They won't get glazed until next week, so we are planning to stain all the frames for Neil over the weekend.  There is still lots of making good on the old doors to do and all the door furniture and cat flap to fit.  Neil is on his own for the next couple of days so progress will be slower. 

I took lots of photographs yesterday afternoon but unfortunately our laptop died last night so I am unable to get them off the camera - it was a wierd evening with no access to the internet - how sad we are!  Luckily I can do this at work, but have no access to Facebook (that's blocked).  Not sure when we will be online at home next, so if you email I may not respond as quickly as usual

Added 27th Feb - mixture of photos for days 10 and 11

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  1. From Facebook

    Sue Speechley computer fixed, not sure what or how I did it, just took out the leads and battery pack put it all back together and it fired up!? Now all recovered and backed up
    25 February at 07:06

    Pauline Hornsby I'm following your daily reports on your Garden Room. Cannot wait to see the pictures of when it's all finished.
    25 February at 12:46

    Sue Speechley it will be a long wait, so much to do
    26 February at 16:40


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