25 February 2011

Garden Room - Day 12

Slowly slowly, I am so impatient. We are now at the stage where there is not much to see at the end of the day, unlike when the project was first started. Yesterday the doors were fitted into the french window frames and the door furniture added.  I didn't actually spot anything else, but only had a cursory glance as I was trying to sort out the non functioning laptop.

You will be pleased to know (or not) that we are up and running again, not sure what was wrong with it, but taking the battery pack out of the bottom and re-inserting it seemed to do the trick, there then followed a long and laborious wait whilst it went into recovery mode, me dashing upstairs to see if I had any writeable DVD's for the backup, luckily we did, then popping back and forth to follow its commands inbetween trying to make a Cottage Pie for dinner.

On the knitting front I have given myself a break from the Ten Stitch blanket and have knitted another Bunny Blanket Buddy and am half way through a little jumper for a friend's baby

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