11 February 2011

Garden Room (or should we call it the Love Shack) - Day 4

Lots of new timbers today. The joiner has been and we discussed the window for the old door position. Its taking shape, I'm still very excited. The room looks so much bigger now we have more light. I'm wondering what to do with the floor, wood, carpet, vinyl?

In other news, Rachel had a request played for me on Simon Mayo's Drivetime (32 minutes into the pgramme) in advance of my birthday on Monday, it was a real surprise. She requested Love Shack, guaranteed to get me dancing round the kitchen. Its going to be a busy weekend, we have the Jones' staying - babysitting Rufus while they have a night out. We have family coming also, so it will be a full house.

Whatever you are up to have a brilliant weekend
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  1. Do NOT get vinyl - it is not 1985! God you'll be putting in strip lighting next!


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