21 February 2011

Garden Room - Day 9

Work continues - I'm hoping that the windows will go in this week. 
We spent yesterday cutting up all to discarded timbers, some too rotten to burn, but we ended up with 13 bags of wood, so nothing is going to waste


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  1. From Facebook

    Megan Macdiarmid Looks like progressing well
    22 February at 11:05 ·

    Pauline Hornsby Hiow much longer before you can use it? Glad all is progressing well.
    22 February at 12:32

    Sue Speechley it will be a while yet, it has to be painted in and out then the walls insulated, then painted inbetween the uprights. Then the lighting, heating, floor, steps from french doors, the list goes on
    22 February at 15:29


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