26 February 2011

Garden Room - our work begins day 1

Today Peter and I have spent all day staining the window/door frames in preparation for the glass next week.  Its amazing how much wood there is once you get started.  We decided to do it all black so that it blends in with the rest of the barn.  It great stuff to work with as its water based and dries to a matt black finish, hardly any smell and your brushes wash out in water.  Only draw back was working in a building with no glass, the wind was blowing through and we are both frozen.  Second coat tomorrow, hopefully it will be warmer and also the second coat won't take so long, then its on to all the new wood.  In total there is approximately 160sq metres of wood, but luckily we don't have to paint it all as Peter and his band of merry helpers are going to insulate the walls between the uprights and beams, so basically just all the uprights and beams to paint inside, along with the ceiling, so not much if you say it quickly......

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