5 February 2011

Is this fair?

Today we popped into Cambridge. I normally hate going shopping but needs must sometimes.  We were browsing around Marks & Spencer and I saw some trousers I liked. Flicking through the sizes I saw they had no long lengths in any size, just short and regular, which I thought was a bit odd.  Checked a few other styles, same thing, so I went and enquired at the desk to see if they had changed their leg lengths, to be told that they hardly ever get any long lengths for the stores as they are mainly reserved for buying online!!?  What rubbish, do they want everyone to buy on-line thus killing the High Street? Is this discrimination against people with long legs?  Should I send a letter of complaint, or am I wasting my time? I was so cross I was nearly beside myself, took a coffee and a muffin in Cafe Nero before I calmed down.

The upside of the morning was that I did get some really nice short boots in the Clarks shop with 50% off, and some new underwear with some gift vouchers I had for christmas, so all was not lost, but I'm still feeling pretty cross!

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  1. From Facebook

    David Bulloch Sounds like an excuse for a trip to Cafe Nero..?
    06 February at 14:13
    Sue Speechley good coffee, muffin not so good, normally have an almond croissant but they were out yesterday
    06 February at 15:18

    Kathleen Porcaro Burke write a letter, can't hurt!
    07 February at 01:42

    Pauline Hornsby I agree with Kathleen.
    07 February at 13:07 ·

    Sue Speechley sent an email and got a really pathetic reply, not sure why I bothered as I'm now more annoyed!! Oh well their loss I'll shop elsewhere
    07 February at 19:55

    Megan Macdiarmid I was told by a M&S assistant that I had the wrong shape legs for the style of trousers currently available - so basically - HARD LUCK!
    08 February at 13:01

    Megan Macdiarmid ps: am I such an unusual shape for a vertically challenged, British Middle Aged woman (don't answer that)
    08 February at 13:03

    Sue Speechley I would say you were fairly average, I think its just any excuse
    08 February at 15:16 ·

    Kathleen Porcaro Burke poor customer service in general...don't they know there is a recession going on?
    08 February at 21:56


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