19 February 2011

Something different

When it comes to food I'll try most things within reason, though I do draw the line at some inner parts!  Last night we went out for dinner with our friends Colin & Myra, we'd not seen one another for a while so we had a good catch up.  We went for dinner to the Geldart in Cambridge, they specialise in Hot Rocks cooking, basicially you cook your meal yourself at the table on a hot rock, not so different I hear you say, but its the ingredients where the difference lies.  Me - Bison, Peter and Colin - Zebra, Myra - Croc & Roo - yes thats crocodile and kangaroo.  They also do Antelope and Ostrich, along with the usuals pork, chicken, steak.  We all really enjoyed our food and the only criticism of the evening was the fact that it was so busy and noisy we had a job to hear our conversation.  So I ask recession what recession, definately not in Cambridge last night.

BTW they do a really good Chocolate Brownie too....... diet what diet?

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