1 March 2011

Garden Room - Day 15

Swept up and tidy -  just a couple of odd jobs and the glass to do then Neil will be finished. The glass should be delivered either tomorrow or Thursday, so by the end of the week we will be watertight. 

The guttering was delivered today, job for the weekend? 

All the internal walls need to be swept then measured up for the insulation materials.  Next job after that is to paint the ceiling and all the internal beams.  The internal lights we ordered at the weekend are out of stock for 2 weeks, typical, not that we need them yet but thats besides the point.

The progress reports will slow down now as work can only be completed in our spare time.  There is no point in trying to set a deadline for use because that will only end in disappointment............

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  1. From Facebook

    Pauline Hornsby Your garden Room looks good already. Cannot wait to see the finished product. When done everyone - including yourselves - will agree that all the hard work was worthwhile.
    02 March at 09:33 ·

    Sue Speechley well I shall have an open day and invite everyone round for a nose
    02 March at 17:37


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