10 March 2011

Garden Room - progress report

Not so much to report these days as only really the weekend to get anything done. However, I have had a plasterer round to measure up and quote to board and skim the walls, and also the flooring man from next door to measure up to make us cosy underfoot - this was actually quite reasonable and he has left me with some suitable samples, what do you think.  I like the one on the left, closeup on right.

In other news I have planted up some seeds, and they are residing on the kitchen windowsill till things warm up.  I've done a tray of lettuce, which will go out under the cloche, tomatoes, serrano chillies, okra, marigolds and aquilegia.  We have broad beans that need to go in and I really need to get on with the garden, but there is a very cold wind out there today and I actually don't feel like it.  Think I'll do some baking instead

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  1. We have peet pots of nastursiums sitting on our windowsills. Today is a nice day in New Jersey... so off to the garden I go. The perennials are popping up and there is weeding and mulching to be done. Baking and knitting will have to wait until tonight.


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