7 March 2011

The gift of time......

We would all like more time in our day, so today my boss gave me an extra 1.5 hours. He cut my hours! We are going through a very quiet time at work so he asked if I’d mind dropping some hours to help out. I actually don’t mind to be honest; there is nothing worse than sitting looking at the wall with nothing to do. With the nicer weather on the way I can spend my 1.5 hours a day in the garden, or knitting

This is only a temporary measure until things pick up but we will see.........

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  1. From Facebook

    Megan Macdiarmid I am thinking be careful what you wish for, you sometimes get it fulfilled in unexpected & screwy ways. It has happened to me I've had wishes come true but they seem to come with odd conditions attatched.
    07 March at 12:16 ·

    Pauline Hornsby A double-edged sword. More time but less money. Thankfully you are one of those people that can use your time to the full.
    07 March at 15:42 ·

    Sue Speechley I'm happy with the extra time, and will certainly put it to good use
    07 March at 18:25


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