28 March 2011

Lack of momentum

Things are going very slow on the knitting front this month. I feel like I haven't really acheived anything apart from add to the stash. My ten stitch is coming along albeit slowly.  The trouble is the bigger it gets the longer it take to do each side.  I still have plenty of yarn so will just keep going, though with the return of the lighter evenings the garden will be taking top priority. I also have another unfinished project and that is the short row scarf but that will do to take to my craft group on Thursday as its light and portable.

Jobs for this afternoon will be more seed sowing - the tomato seeds have germinated as have the lettuce, these will need potting on in a day or two.  I have sweet pea seeds in soak so these will be potted up and I need to sort out the seed potatoes. 

I lost all my begonia tubers to the cold winter and am still mourning the loss of all my cordyline trees.  There is still lots of clearing up around the barn and garden in general. Peter dug out the area for the new steps and I barrowed it to the end of the garden, so now we have a huge heap of soil in the veg plot! There is a low brick wall to repair. So many jobs so little time


  1. Yes, I feel the same way! So little time...I love the look of your 10 stitch, it will be GORGEOUS when you're done. :)

  2. thanks Diana I hope so as its been a lot of work

  3. Pauline Hornsby from Facebook

    I am sorry you have lost tubers and trees to the bad weather but with all else you are doing in the gardern the results should be just as beautiful. I know what you mean about the 10-stitch balnket - it just goes on and on and on and ... Do take care and hope you are better following your recent malady.
    Yesterday at 12:37


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