21 March 2011

Weekend roundup – the sick ones

Weekends go too fast as it is but when you spend one day of the precious weekend in bed being sick it’s not fun and such a waste of time.

Saturday - I spent in the garden, it was such a lovely day. I achieved lots and had planned to continue on Sunday as there is still a mountain of work to do. Rachel came to help she painted boxes but around mid afternoon started to feel and be sick. She went home.

Sunday – I woke around 2am feeling like I had really bad indigestion and stomach cramps, hot/cold went to the loo, sick, back to bed. Dozed on and off. Trying to sleep in an upright position is really difficult but if I lay down I felt worse. By 5am I was really being sick, you know the sort of sick where you think your stomach is going to turn inside out. The rest of the day was spent laying in bed listening to the sounds of spring, birds tweeting, mowers cutting, children playing, husband drilling and banging, feeling really sorry for myself. I finally roused myself around 2.30pm and had a bath. Felt marginally better and ventured downstairs to the sofa where I lay and watched a re-run of All Quiet on the Western Front and kept down a mint tea.  The only upside, yes there was an upside - I was 3.5lbs lighter this morning!!!!!!!

Garden Room -The wiring for sockets and lights has been completed and the outside lights are fitted. They look really good. The celotex insulation is ordered and will delivered this week. The family are all “hands on deck” this coming weekend to help fit it. I get to look after Rufus and feed them all.


  1. Oh My...so sorry you were feeling bad. Spring days are glorious even if one can only lie in bed and listen to the sounds arent't they?

  2. Hi

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Just came across your blog on Ravelry - only checked Ravelry out today becauuse I feel very sick/upset tum, lethergic, and am sitting here with a mint tea!!

    And its such a sunny morning.

    Love your blog.

  3. From Facebook
    Pauline Hornsby Hope you are much better now. Thinking of you. Pxx
    22 March at 13:40 ·

    Sue Speechley not too bad thanks Pauline, went into work yesterday big mistake, off today, but definately feeling better now
    22 March at 20:02

    Kathleen Porcaro Burke Hope you are feeling better. Makes you wonder how these things come on all of a sudden...weird. hugs
    23 March at 02:25

    Adelle Hendley sorry to hear you are under the weather, wishing you a speedy recovery, mind you I am sure anyone would feel better sitting in your beautiful garden :-)23 March at 10:29 ·

    Sue Speechley garden not looking so lovely at the moment top end like a building site, the rest still needs to be spring cleaned, can't be in two places at once!
    23 March at 14:43

    Adelle Hendley does sound like quite a project :-) It will be fantastic when its done!!
    23 March at 14:57

    Pauline Hornsby It will all be worth it in the end. Glad you are feeling better. xx
    23 March at 15:25


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