24 April 2011

Arbour delights

The arbour painting is all done, a tick on the list, in fact several ticks on the list today.  Its been another sunny day but not so hot so we managed to keep going all day.  The garden room is cleared and ready for the plasterer on Tuesday

Have you spotted Peter's new friend, that's him in the bottom left and top right of the collage.  We also discovered a hedgehog in the garden last night too, the cat was very confused and kept her distance. The blackbirds have their babies out on the lawn, they are so funny to watch.  The blue tits are back in the nesting box, so its a hive of activity.

We BBQ'd duck breasts and asparagus for dinner followed by baked bananas, rum and raisins with cornish ice cream, all washed down the a couple of glasses of rose; well we have worked hard all day so why not.


  1. The arbor is so pretty! And that dinner sounds like a perfect end to the Weekend. So glad you enjoyed it~

  2. From Facebook

    Pauline Hornsby Why not indeed. You deserved it. The arbour looks lovely; I love the colour. Please put out a small dish of water for you hoggie. Not bread and milk as it is bad for them.
    25 April at 12:35 ·

    Meg Gordon Looks lovely Sue - and you deserved a glass or two!
    25 April at 16:37 ·

    Megan Macdiarmid good progress , you will be able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour over the summer.
    25 April at 17:39

    Kathleen Porcaro Burke Love it! the color is great!
    02 May at 00:12


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