1 April 2011

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week - Day Five: Something different

Today is something different -

1. Invisible seaming stitch

4. Comes from a rabbit

6. Needle type for tubular shapes

7. Knit this first

8. K2tog

11. Typical first project

15. Common synthetic yarn

16. Scottish island

17. Knitting club

18. Steam shaping

21. Unraveling

22. K1, P1 row, then P1,K1 row stitch

23. A scarf accent

24. Jacket type sweater

26. Popular over-the-head project

28. Crustacean edge stitching

29. The end

30. Garment creation instructions

31. Straight or Double Pointed

33. Blank over

35. Small poncho

36. A small blanket

2. Incan royalty yarn

3. Indicates the beginning of the round

5. Japanese yarn

9. Number of stitches to produce 1 inch of fabric

10. Yarn length of measurement

11. Yarn coil

12. This is where it all begins

13. Knit and purl stitches next to each other

14. Irish islands

19. Knit every row stitch

20. Working with separate balls or bobbins of yarn

22. Friend knitting

24. Yarn name that comes from the French word for caterpillar

25. "___" protectors

27. 3 to 3 1/2 stitches to the inch

32. Strap of a purse

34. Stitch 'n "___"


  1. I am getting NOTHING done today

  2. How cool, I did a word search puzzle! Mine is here: http://twistedstrands.blogspot.com. Great minds think alike!

  3. I love crosswords, so this is pretty amazing!

  4. Neat and cool crossword puzzle! This is probably the only one I would be able to do.


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