9 April 2011

Look at me Granny

that's a bit more paint off

and again, can't seem to get it to go in a straight line

ummm this looks interesting

what else shall I get out?

let me up!

look Granny one hand!!!!

what's going on out there?

come on Penny lets see what's in here

now these will make a good mess

not keen on this green stuff guess I'll climb on Mum instead

sorry Mum, looks like I wiped my nose on your jeans!!

1 comment:

  1. From Facebook

    Pauline Hornsby Delightful! He'll be starting school before you know it.
    10 April at 16:51 ·

    Sue Speechley don't say that Pauline he's so small
    10 April at 20:43

    Pauline Hornsby You are right. There is plenty more time to enjoy Rufus before he starts school.
    11 April at 11:26


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