23 April 2011

Mad dogs.....

and Me spend too much time in the sun, then feel dizzy when painting!!  Yep, sat pricking out seedlings on the lawn, as the greenhouse was too hot, I didn't have my hat on. By the time hubby got back with the paint I was feeling a bit strange, and by the time I had tried to concentrate on the painting I felt awful.  So the arbour remains unfinished.  We spent the afternoon sitting in the shade, which was actually very nice. By late afternoon the sun was off the bottom of the garden so we went and did a few jobs, cuttting around the fruit trees and watering the veg plot so we can get some more seeds in. The plan for tomorrow is to get out early and get the painting finished, then I can show you how nice it looks, well I think it does!

This weather is forecast for the rest of the Easter Weekend - 26C today!! Then turning a bit cooler on Tuesday when we go back to work which is fine. Whatever you are doing this weekend, stay safe in the sun  and wear your hat!!

A question for you retired people, do you ever know what day of the week it is?

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