29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

I suppose I can't let the day go by without a mention.  Are you sick of all the hype yet?  Must admit I am.

The TV and radio are currently off as I can't bear listening to it all.  However, don't think me miserable I will turn it on later and view the ceremony, maybe shed a little tear, I always cry at weddings. I'm more interested in what she is going to wear than anything else. 

I wonder if she realises just how her life will change?  I hope that the media give her some space and not hound her as they did Diana. 

I also want to give a metion to Camilla, this last few weeks and months must have been particularly hard for her with Diana rammed down our throats at every opportunity.  I hope she enjoys the day too, she's a much more suitable partner in life for Charles than the other ever was.

I will post my verdict on the day later - yours Lady Ethel Ginger Healey - whats your wedding name?

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  1. From Facebook
    Megan Macdiarmid I'm taping the highlights programme for viewing later. The BBC sure do miss Richard Dimbleby the commentary was so inane.
    29 April at 17:25 ·

    Megan Macdiarmid p:s perfect choice of dress though
    29 April at 17:26

    Pauline Hornsby It's done and over with now so let's hope the media will leave them alone (and please no picking the wedding and the people to bits by the media). I thought Kate looked wonderful; not too sure about the maid of honor's dress even though she did look stunning in it.
    30 April at 13:06


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