17 April 2011

Weekend Round Up

Another busy weekend where we've done lots, but just for a change no gardening/decorating or anything particularly strenuous.  The afternoon Saturday was spent enjoying part of my Christmas present from Rachel, we had a trip to the theatre to see Agatha Christie's The Verdict, a very enjoyable production.  Shopping and lunch out to follow, we just didn't have time yesterday, so still something to look forward to.

Saturday evening was the annual joint birthday cocktails and dinner event - birthday's start this week with Peter on Wednesday, followed by Beck on 26th and Rachel on 28th.  We had an good evening, cocktails at Browns followed by a curry at the Curry Gardens in Regent Street. 

Rufus was left in charge of great grandma and uncle Pat, and the naughty boy was up watching TV with uncle Pat when we got home!!  He was soon whisked off to bed. He will be 10 months old tomorrow, certainly knows how to work the adults!

After our late night, Peter and I have spent a relaxing day in the garden, he reading and me knitting. Ten Stitch in brown is now finished - it finally took 2100 grams of charity shop yarn and measure 53 x 56 inches. I'm also well on the way with the short row scarf, not that I need it now but I like to get things finished off

Thought you might like to see these blossoms, I'm not sure that the Acer has flowered before, but its quite attractive.  We have been sat in cherry blossom snow today, you can just see it on the umbrella in the picture above.

Acer tree in flower

2 asparagus spears peeking through

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! And what a levely spot to knit!


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