22 April 2011

What a good Friday....

As you may know Friday is my day off, so as today is a public holiday I had company.  We got lots done.

Peter and Rachel went cycle training first thing - they did 60miles!! I did some housework, put the wash on then went into Cambridge to pick up the car seat I had ordered for Rufus and an arbour for the garden.  I was just trying to get it out of the car when they got back, so that saved me the bother, as the nice assistant at B&Q had put it into the car for me.  The arbour came flat packed - what doesn't these days, I thought I'd be able to put it together myself, but when I saw it needed drills and the like I decided I'd just be in charge of handing over the screws!!  It took around 2.5 hours to put together, oops, but it does look good in the space where the phormium was. I 've moved some plants around and have started to paint the arbour with some Cuprinol Garden Shades in a seagrass colour - sort of pale green, that I had by me, I've run out of course so need another trip to the DIY store tomorrow! Typical.  I've decided it looks like a fairly decent space to knit on, plenty of elbow room.  Just need to put some nice cushions on it and maybe a small table for a cool drink.

Forgot to tell you I have finally finished my ten stitch in brown and my short row scarf, here are some pictures

I'm knitting some more baby items for the Baby Pack Project, quick and easy as I have nothing else on the cards at the moment.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to cross a few things off our lengthy To Do List......

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  1. From Facebook

    Kathleen Porcaro Burke beautiful as usual. put up some pics of the arbor when you get a chance.
    23 April at 14:47 ·

    Sue Speechley had hoped to get the arbour painting finished but spent too long in the sun potting up plants as the greenhouse was too hot and didn't have my hat on, so was feeling very faint by the time the paint turned up. So the plan is to get up early while that part of the garden is in shade!! Still musn't complain its great to have this weather
    23 April at 20:37


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