3 May 2011

A bit of everything

This post is as the title suggests:-

April's Stashbust - its been a bit quiet on the knitting front, though I managed to complete two outstanding WIPs, made two egg cosy's for Easter presents, started another Ten Stitch in blue/grey combination for Rachel and have nearly finished a cardigan for the Baby Pack Project.  I actually knitted up 710grams of yarn and added nothing. So the stash is going in the right direction.

Garden Room - plastering is finished. We spent bank holiday Monday washing down all the beams, goodness knows how many years of dust and dirt there was but my plasterer (he is re-tiling my kitchen today, more on that later) thought we had coated them in some expensive product - no just hot water, cloths and elbow grease.  Peter started painting the ceiling late yesterday afternoon, its going to take some time.

Tuesday's Factoid & Quote -
1494 - Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica
Instinct is the nose of the mind

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  1. From Facebook

    Pauline Hornsby I thought you said it was "a bit quiet" on the knitting front? Surely there cannot be much more to do to finish the Garden Room. Enjoy it when the time comes. You deserve to. Pxx
    04 May at 12:21 ·

    Sue Speechley - well Pauline, there is the painting of the room, building the steps so we don't pulmet out of the french doors and break our necks, the wood burner to install, carpet to lay, then move in to it. After that we have to redecorate the kitchen, ivory and red tiles look interesting with yellow walls!! Then redecorate the lounge and sitting room, plus keep on top of the garden.....
    04 May at 13:35 ·

    Pauline Hornsby - Sorry, Sue. I didn't realise. So a lot to complete. We started to decorate about two and half years ago. One of the kitchen walls is still in its undercoat only state and the remainder still as before (except for the piant "test pot" squares. We finished the living room though.


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