15 May 2011

Garden Room - steps

Another productive weekend and one where we managed to tick a few things off the list.

Peter and Stuart built the steps leading out of the garden room.  Well Peter says Stuart built them he just assisted.  So thank you Stuart, your help is very much appreciated and we are very pleased with them.  We need to decide whether to fill the fronts of the steps in or whether to leave them open.  If open then we need to fill the underneath with pea gravel to prevent weeds etc; though I have been thinking that if left open then there is the potential for lost toys and lots of tears!  We also need to decide whether to stain them or not. Peter is of the leave them to 'weather' opinion but I think they look too 'in your face' at the moment. What do you think?

I spent the day gardening yesterday, I had help from Rachel and Reece - Rachel is currently house and teenager x 2 sitting, bit of an eye opener for her!!  They repainted a couple of decked seating areas whilst I put in my vegetable plants and carried on top dressing the borders.

Today I have continued with painting the walls in the garden room.  I have now been all the way round, cutting in the beams takes such a long time, in total its taken me 20 hours for just the first coat, the second coat will be quicker. Peter is continuing with the ceiling, the beams mean that both jobs can be done at the same time with no fear of either paint overlapping.

The wood burner will go in sometime in the next couple of weeks and we are nearly there.  I need to sort out the garden around the new steps and then we would like to sit back and relax!!

I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.  Off for a soak in the bath now.


  1. Talented carpenters! I agree with you that a little toning down is in order, but weathering just may do the trick. How patient are you?

  2. Luckily for us Stuart is a carpenter. Weathering? Not that patient I'm afraid!!


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