13 May 2011

Our little man is poorly

I went to visit Rufus and Beck today, they both have colds.  Poor Rufus was very poorly, snotty nose and and a high temperature this afternoon.  My top is sporting several 'snail trails' and I also got pee'd on!!  I did get a few smiles and lots of cuddles.  We went for a nice long walk while Beck went grocery shopping but he was so quiet and just sat holding his rabbit.  I hate to see babies looking so listless, and he really hates having his nose wiped. Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow

At least Blogger appears to be up and running again, got the shock of my life yesterday when it said I didn't have a blog on my account.  Was somewhat relieved when I saw all the messages on the forum help line and everyone was asking where their blogs were!!

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